Email Newsletters

Promote offers, engage customers, get new business and stay top of mind at all times with an effective email marketing campaign. Our professional eTeam has the expertise and advice to create a customised campaign to suit your business. We monitor results, seek feedback from your customers and customise solutions to suit your needs. Integrate social media and maximise your eReach with our email marketing services.

The right mix.

Content – Email newsletters need to appeal to clients for different reasons so analysing what content to include is paramount. They can be a valuable sales tool with call to actions as well as a tool to educate, inform and remain top of mind with your clients. If you’re not emailing your clients, your competitors will.

It must look good.

Looking good is something that appeals to all of us and it can be especially tricky in email marketing with the release of new internet service providers (ISPs). Making sure it matches your branding while rendering correctly is essential to get your message across. We take care of all of this for you so you can concentrate on your business.


Making sure you are keeping in contact with your customers so you are not inundating them or losing business is also important and we’ll help you decide what will work best for your business.

Some of the other features our service offers include:

→ Template to match your branding – no off the shelf templates → Database management including segmentation → Statistic reports hand delivered and explained Australian SPAM compliancy → Read online link Sourcing of appropriate graphics that fit with your branding Project management → Personalisation of emails, Hi [firstname] Emails sent from you and you receive the replies

Email Campaigns

Email Campaigns can be created in conjunction with your email newsletter incorporating the following components:

Automated Email Communications

Imagine if you could sit back and your clients were contacted automatically. These can be set at pre determined dates or triggered via a form. Examples on how an AEC can work is:

membership club that sends a deal every month An event registration confirmation An event reminder sent one day before the event – even with parking details! reminder that your pest control is due

The examples are endless, talk to us today about how this valuable tool could work for your business.


It’s nice when someone remembers. eCards can be a valuable and inexpensive way for your to wish your clients a Happy Birthday and offer them an exclusive deal. eCards are sent automatically and aren’t limited to birthdays. Examples of how an eCard could be used:

Happy Birthday wish Reminder of a wedding anniversary One year anniversary since becoming a client

The examples are endless, talk to us today about how this valuable tool could work for your business.

Online Surveys

We can create complete surveys/forms within your eNewsletter to collate information and market research data directly from your clients.

With our flexible online survey system you have the option of using several links to collect your information. You may like to have a survey link on your website, another on your newsletter and another you send to your advertisers. These results can be put together or itemised.

As well as setting up a functional survey/form link within your eNewsletter we can arrange for your questions to be professionally written to ensure you get the right information from your clients. We can also arrange to have the results analysed and compiled into a user friendly report so we can further enhance your eNewsletter and you can learn about your customers’ needs.

Project Management

Our dedicated team will work closely with you to make sure you get the best results from your email marketing. We’ll not only construct your email marketing and send it for you but we’ll discuss your email marketing goals, budget and the results you want to achieve to make sure you’re getting a solid Return On Investment.

Ongoing advice on what to include in your email marketing is provided and we’ll discuss ways you can expand your database and how to appeal to everyone on your database.

Part of our service also includes surveying your customers after your campaign has been running for six months to find out if they are happy with the frequency and gather data on what they want to hear about.

Social Media

Using Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to promote your business to a wider audience is easier than ever before. You can connect to social media in your emails and publish your messages onto multiple social media sites. Your email can be synchronised with your social media marketing.