About Fiona…

With roots firmly embedded in Tourism and Media, Fiona Nicholl (nee McFarlane) has certainly found her niche in both industries. As well as being the Managing Director of Gateway Media Group her roles also include Managing Director of cherrygift (an online SMS gift voucher platform) and holds the Cairns Consultancy for Elite Woodhams Relocations. Fiona also sits on the International Directorate of Skål International, a worldwide Tourism Organisation which has around 14,000 members in 101 countries.

Fiona elevated Gateway Media Group to a whole new level in 2013/14. The business won Gold awards for Specialised Tourism Services in the 2013 Queensland Tourism and 2014 Tourism Tropical North Queensland Awards, Silver in the 2014 Queensland Tourism Awards, and were also finalists in the Australian Tourism Awards that year.

Originally from Scotland, Fiona arrived in Cairns on her tenth birthday where she completed her education at St Monica’s College before taking on a variety of roles in the Tourism and Hospitality Industries. After a two-year stint as Sales Manager at Gateway Media Group, she later established the Brisbane office in 2010 – before taking over in 2012. Now firmly established back in the very special place that is Cairns, which has always held her heart. “It’s a really challenging time for the tourism industry,” she says. “The downturn in the economy compounded with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic has put the region under enormous pressure, people are relying more on digital communications than ever to get their share of voice, and eMarketing is a very effective method of keeping close and intimate contact with their customers, which is now more important than ever before.”

Gateway Media Group specialises in providing you direct contact with your customers through our eMarketing solutions. As well as creating email newsletters, campaigns and online surveys, we also provide personalised service. Our eMarketing campaigns allow us to engage your audience and deliver results for our customers.” Being a communications professional it’s perhaps no surprise that Fiona says the best part of her job is networking. “I love interacting with people and finding ways to help them grow and succeed.”

In 2020, Fiona found a gap in the market and created Cairns Calendar. A single platform to provide both locals and visitors with information to ALL Cairns events!

Professional Achievements

2021 – Promoted to Vice President, Skål International
2020 – Joined Elite Woodhams Relocation as Relocation Consultant, Cairns
2020 – Launched Cairns Calendar (www.cairnscalendar.com.au)
2019 – Married Alistair
2019 – Had our gorgeous baby boy, Harvey
2018 – Elected Director Skål International (Comms, PR, Social & Digital Media)
2016 – cherrygift awarded People’s Choice Award at the Tropical North Queensland Innovation Awards
2016 – Launched cherrygift
2016 – Awarded International Skålleague of the Year in Monaco at the 2016 SKAL World Congress
2016 – Elected President Skål International Australia
2016 – Awarded Skål Cairns Skalleague of the Year
2015 – Became Board Member Cairns Jockey Club
2014 – Elected Vice President Skål International Australia
2014 – Finalist Australian Tourism Awards (Gateway Media Group)
2014 – Gold Winner Tourism Tropical North Queensland Tourism Awards (Gateway Media Group)
2014 – Silver Winner Queensland Tourism Awards (Gateway Media Group)
2013 – Gold Winner Queensland Tourism Awards (Gateway Media Group)
2013 – Elected Vice President Skål International Brisbane
2013 – Launched Gateway eMarketing
2011 – Elected Secretary Skål International Brisbane
2010 – Appointed Managing Director of Gateway Media Group
2009 – Became Member – Skål International
2008 – Joined Gateway Media Group

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Skype – fionajanemcfarlane